Flip-Flops & Foot Pain

Foot pain can affect other parts of your body and many aspects of daily life. Some foot pain can be disabling. Mobility is essential to a healthy and productive life. We occasionally experience pain from conditions that are out of our control. Podiatrists treat those conditions as part of their everyday practice. Most frustrating are …

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Caring for Calluses

A callus is a thick build-up of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface that may look like scales, hard patches, or bumps. They can be caused by friction from activities such as rubbing your hands together, running, or cycling and are a natural response to repeated pressure. They usually affect the palms of the …

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Tips for Runners

If you’re a professional runner, you’re well aware that hitting the tarmac may be taxing on your body. An injury, such as shin splints or runner’s knee, might undermine your preparation or, worse, pull you out during the initial leg of a race for which you’ve trained for months. However, you can help to improve …

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